About Containerization in DevOps

About Containerization in DevOps

Key points:

• Why is containerization needed? and how does it makes DevOps easy? That's what we would understand in this basic article

• We are in the world of microservices.

• There would be hundreds of microservices.

• Some of them will be built in Java, some of them in Python, some of them might be built in JavaScript.

• The deployment environment which is needed to run a JavaScript application will be different from the deployment environment you would need to run a Java application, or a Python application.

• The deployment procedures might also vary between different applications.

• If you're trying to automate the provisioning of servers and configuring them for your microservices, then you would need different configuration and scripts, different configuration and scripts for java applications and different configuration scripts for JavaScript applications.

Screenshot 2022-07-14 135553.png • This will make maintaining these environments a big headache.

• Is there a way we can actually have the same deployment environment, and the same deployment procedure for all microservices users? That's where DevOps provides an amazing solution.

• Once you have any application or microservices, you can build a docker image containing the microservices.

• Once you build a docker image, it does not matter whether the docker image is for a python application, or a java application, or a javascript application.

Screenshot 2022-07-14 140408.png • You still run it the same way. The software you'd need to run this docker image is the same, irrespective of what the docker image contains. Once you use containers, your infrastructure as code becomes really really simple.

• You can provision a cluster of servers which have the container runtime installed on them, and you can directly deploy containers onto them.

• You don't need to worry if the container is of a java application, a python application or a javascript application. As far as i'm concerned, containerization is one of the things which makes DevOps really really easy and that's the reason why we use docker for it.

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