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Hey there! Thanks for checking out this page. If it is okay with you, please read a little longer.

Till 2021, I was an ordinary boy with nothing special going on in his life. I never thought of pursuing a career in tech, nor did i think about creating an impact in society. Then in June 2021, i started exploring various fields because i was about to join college.

I saw how developers code and it was very fascinating to me that how cool is this field! You'll not believe but i watched - how to code and other stuff related to this field, about 100 videos in 3 days!

I took Computer Science in my college and got a laptop for the first time in maybe Oct 2021. I started learning Java, then i started DSA with Java and also i was keep posting whatever i'm learning every single day on Linkedin and Twitter and started 100DaysofCode challenge in public.

I connected with amazing people on Linkedin and twitter and in Feb 2022, i started learning about cloud ( Microsoft azure ), By the time i was selected as a Campus Ambassador of GeeksforGeeks to help my college mates learn and grow then i explored the field of DevOps and now whatever i'm learning in DevOps, i keep sharing it on Linkedin and Twitter regularly.

My goal for the next year 2023 till August is to get a remote DevOps Internship/job.

So yeah, that was all about me, If you enjoy and find my content helpful then sponsor me :)

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