Advantages of microservices

Advantages of microservices

Here are some key points of why one should use microservices:

• Adaption of new technology & processes, dynamic scaling, and faster release cycles.

• The most important advantage of the microservice architecture is that it enables you to adapt new technology and processes very easily.

• When we build applications as a combination of microservices, which can communicate with each other using simple messages, each of these microservices can be built in different technologies.

• In typical monolith applications, we would not have that flexibility. For example, Let's say there are 5 microservices

1. Microservice1 might be Java
2. Microservice2 might be NodeJS
3. Microservice3 might be written in Kotlin

and tomorrow there might be a language XYZ that is really doing well and which provides lots of benefits to you and you can easily create a microservice in that specific language and also, for the new microservices that we create, we can bring in new processes as well.

• The other important advantage of microservices is dynamic scaling.

• Consider an online shopping application like Amazon. They don't really have the same amount of load or the same amount of traffic or same amount of users throughout the year.

• Especially during the holiday season, the load on the application will be a lot and during the rest of the year, there might not be so much load.

• During the black friday, there might be a huge amount of load. If your microservices are cloud-enabled, they can scale dynamically and you can procure hardware and release it dynamically as well. So, you can scale up your applications and scale them down based on the load.

• Because you are developing smaller components, it's much easier to release microservices compared to monolith applications.

• This means that you can bring new features faster to market and that's a big advantage to have in the modern world.

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