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Getting quick feedback in DevOps

Getting quick feedback in DevOps

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Areeb Abdul Ghani
·Aug 15, 2022·

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Overview of DevOps:

DevOps is a mindset, a way of working for an organization so that new features reach to the users as quickly as possible and smoothly too.

DevOps quick and legit process makes it special:

• Now you might be wondering how did DevOps help in getting immediate feedback? So, DevOps brings the operations and development teams closer because development and operations are part of the same team.

• The entire team understands the challenges associated with operations and the challenges associated with development.

• Any operational problem gets the quick attention of the developers.

• Any challenge in taking software live, gets early attention of the operations team, DevOps encourages continuous delivery and infrastructure as code, because of continuous delivery if i make a code change or a configuration change, that might break a test or a staging environment, i would know it within a few hours, because of infrastructure as code.

• Developers can self-provision environments, deploy code and find problems on their own without any help from the operations team.

• DevOps is all about taking software dev to the next level. It's about doing things that enhance the communication between the team, which helps you to get immediate feedback on any activity that you're performing and automating as much of software dev activities as possible.


DevOps Encourages Collaboration

• Since DevOps relies on automation and open source tools, teams can easily stay in sync with each other.

• For example, platforms like GitHub enable team members to receive notifications every time a new build is pushed or when changes are made to the existing version.

• Besides, the project's visions are clearer to every team member since they are in clear view.

Why Should Your Company Adopt DevOps?

• At the moment, most IT companies are adopting the DevOps methodology as a core aspect of their software development. Even government agencies are now implementing this approach to unite teams.

• Currently, project managers, product managers, executives, and testing managers also implement DevOps in their daily processes.

But how does this approach affect your startup or business?

• Enhanced collaboration

• Better security

• Stable operations

• Faster deployment


Adopting the DevOps culture in your company enhances collaboration and communication between your development and operations teams. These engineers will also meet the company's software development objectives within the specified timeframe. So, if you are yet to adopt the DevOps methodology, start working on it right away. We should always keep this in our mind that DevOps is a mindset, a way of working for an organization so that new features reach to the users as quickly as possible and smoothly too.

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